Friday, 29 March 2013

Tobyboo pops up

I've got a week till Bagpuss wakes up and I pretend to be Emily and open up at Craft Central's Corner Shop in Clerkenwell. Translated this means that from the 8th April I'll be hosting a Tobyboo pop up shop full of delights including sample bargains and new stock. Open Monday to Saturday from 11am. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

School for Start Ups showcase

I am rubbish and was so busy running around for the Somerset House extravaganza that - no - I didn't take my camera and took very few on my phone so didn't get to show you those that you should click on... I will however be getting images from them later and shoving them up! but this was last week....
Poor Toby got rushed after school on Wednesday to help me take stock up.

Toby models for Lunamano

We went for a walk to see the Wool exhibition and look what we found

the very popular high end fashion of Lili and Ida

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Box Clever

Ali (Miller) who obviously has secret dreams of being a ballerina - who knew

Last Thursday we got to see all the beautiful boxes that were created for the Coutts charity auction. For one of the first times I felt a real *ooh I'm proud of myself* moment most of the time its a bit of an Eeyore, hey ho could have done better. But I love the project and feel passionate about the cause.

I'm well aware that getting children into the arts may seem trivial especially as Comic Relief was last night but if it wasn't for creative minds thinking outside the box (no pun intended) the whole idea of a television spectacular to raise money for any charity wouldn't have come about in the first place.

Weither you like it or not the world needs creative minds, they do more than just make the world a pretty place.

You can bid on one of the 21 Beautiful Boxes here.