It's the most wonderful time of the year... apparently!

So it's the weekend before Christmas a time of stress, debt and pleasing others. I love this time of year normally - but no idea when it turned into the nightmare before Christmas. Toby has asked for 'a happy day' we did say could you not ask for any toy in the world, it would be easier. We're shattered from clearing and tidying, broke from spending and seem to be more bothered about relatives rather than the boy who is and should be the focus of our Christmas - he's 6 and the magic that's involved in this time of year for his will fade I want us to relish it for as long as we can rather than stressing about what relatives we're seeing and when.

I'm hugely envious of friends that have planned their day, just the pair of them; a takeaway so they don't have to cook and wash up and their present to each other - booking a holiday online, and curling up by the fire watching TV.

Well, the boxes of random stuff won't shift themselves..... back to work - Happy Christmas y'all!


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