Fair Trading?

So if you read a story about someone that worked as many hours most days up to 3 in the morning, supporting a family with a young child, the person had a talent that made their work unique and desirable and couldn't do any other job, that same person was paid well under minimum wage and with some outlets they ended up in loosing so much to meet the prices buyers demanded they were actually paying them ..... no it's not someone in a (ahem lets just say nice supermarket) add promoting Fair Trade it's me.

There is nothing at all to protect small businesses or sole traders here to anything thats vaguely fair, yes some people can walk away and have the choice of doing something else but not always. More and more everyone now doesn't just desire British Made they expect it but they want it at made in China prices. You'd expect certain high street shops to support the little person working their heart out over here producing original work that in turn makes the shop look great wouldn't you? The truth is it's one thing buyers battling you to take your prices down to pretty much the price you end up in paying or they can't get their margins right - they have to have big margins - high street shops have huge overheads I get that but not to the point of selling something for half the price it should be.

You may have read that John Lewis now have a rebate scheme for suppliers - the more you sell the more you have to pay them, this isn't the profit you make its how much they sell. The BBC news article on it is here but please someone tell me how on earth this is fair trade? I don't pile up my basket, get to the till and expect them to give me money rather than pay for it but thats exactly what's happening here. All I would like is to earn a living by what I do best and not be in debt, sadly the more I sell the more debt I'll be in.

Customers need to start paying the right price and if they can't afford it then shop elsewhere not tut and moan about the price of things, you pay for what you get. At this rate the high street is going to turn into one great big hole of generic gift shop products and pound shops - oh yes most of them have .....


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