London Baby

For no reason I started thinking about London things for babies and children ... possibly because I was looking at pictures of a pair of baby blankets I made in 2010 - to be honest it was it was a nightmare to do.

One of my favourite gifts for children is Jenny Maizels "Pop Up London" book - It's never failed to go down well to kids that know the capital and don't. I'm also starting to get her clothes plasters and blank t shirts as presents so children can decorate their own tops a la Toby.


The rather lovely sisters from Scamp come up tip top with their London bus gift sets for babies...

...and on the same bus route is this personalised print by Millie Bee which cannot fail to get the 'ooohhh' - they'll remember you for being a good gift giver too. I used to get some great emails from people that had commissioned me for personalised and the reactions they got after.... I felt like I saved a marriage once when I did an anniversary gift over night when he'd forgotten, both husband and wife were over the moon.


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