Sir John Soane Museum Project

I feel like a lucky bunny this recently, last year I got commissioned by the Museum of London to work on merchandise for their major exhibition and this year I'm cuffed to bits to say that I've been asked to create embroidery designs for the Sir John Soane Museum. So that's 2 out of my 3 wishes used up... one more to go.

To anyone that went to art college, the museum is a treasure trove of inspiration and pretty much in the top 3 places in London, to me it was my favourite museum (well maybe a joint first with Leighton House but still...) Central St Martins was (then) round the corner from it and (as it is still now) free so we did get to visit it at least once a week. There's so so much to take in that you need at least 5 visits to take most of it in. 

 The trouble is with so much in an amazing space is when do you stop? Once of the most intriguing part of the house is the Monk's Parlour; filled with gargoyles and darkness it is beautiful. Sir John's life story itself is a period drama waiting to happen. 

 The front of house - an incredible sight when you walk into Lincoln's Inn Fields. 
If you live near or in London and haven't been then I think you need your wrists slapped. 
I think anyone that has a creative job needs to have a computer ban and stop flicking through pinterest and Google images for inspiration and get back out to beautiful amazing places like this one. 

I shall update more on my embroideries for the museum shop, soon in the meantime go visit. 


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