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Pulse is looming and I had to pull out this year because it looked like I'd be in a bed eating grapes luckily things are pushed back for a bit but it means that I get to miss out on a tip top show.

Am pleased and excited to see Susan Taylor there who's work has not only flown off the shelves but she's had some great commissions too. Susans been a friend for a very long time so she will be hiding under the table that I've written anything nice about her but hey ho. Susan manages to come up with really commercial images but always puts something that makes them 'hers' - the Cities range could have been so predictable but I think the style and colours have made them timeless. My favourite work of hers has been the vintage style posters that I can't find but the French pieces aren't that far behind....Good luck Susan x

There's a lot of wordy prints and products out there and here be a couple that stand out from the crowd me thinks....

I love the work of Sideshow Designs, I first saw prints in the V&A and I was opposite at Spring Fair earlier this year, I thought his prints really stood out and made people smile which is a task at that show!

Helen from Wetpaint illustrations has gone from strength to strength and her illustrations adorn a heap of products for the likes of John Lewis. Her humour comes flooding through in her work she is as nuts as she is tall and she is tall.


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