Curiouser and curiouser....

Moons ago I was bought these postcards from the Bramber Museum, Sussex of which I knew nothing about, by the time I looked into it the collection of Walter Potters tablos and oddities had been moved to Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, by the time I got to thinking I'd make the trip to go to see it - the collection was being auctioned off. Twenty years of wanting to see a kitten wedding and I never got the chance!

Was there something in the surname 'Potter' that had the licence to put animals in human situations... Beatrix managed it stunningly too.

 Whilst going through the box of old bits and pieces I also came across an essay I wrote on Simon Costin. Before I did my jewellery degree I stumbled upon a taxidermy artist/jeweller called Simon Costin, his fish head brooch (below) was on display at the V&A. His work was amazing and controversial and I loved it. I was lucky enough to interview him in 1992 and got a tour through his work and his head. His work was inspired by stories - the necklace (bottom) was based on the stories of the incubus and succubus - each vile was filled with sperm... not something you'd want to break.

I loved revisiting pictures and work that I kept in the box, it was like finding treasure again.... here's hoping the next design is the pot of gold eh....


  1. I like the fish head - not so sure about the necklace (yuck!) and as for that poor kitty with extra limbs :-(


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