Somerset House

You might of gathered that I'm a bit excited about my new tapes - the original London design has been around for almost two years now (April 2011 shockingly) when the Shard was only about half way up. It was time for a change....

The lovely types at the Rizzoli Bookstore, Somerset House are the first stockists which seems fitting seeing as slap bang in the middle is the glorious Somerset House.

And no, your eyes don't deceive you it's on brown tape - I know crazy! still 25mm wide and a whopping 66 metres long go enjoy the river and the all round gorgeousness of Somerset House and spend some pennies in the Rizzoli Bookstore.

Huge thank you to Jo from Rizzoli who send me the pics. Who needs wallpaper when you can use tape - go decorate! 

The Rizzoli Bookstore at Somerset House on the Strand, London.


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