If the Crown Fits

After decorating my efforts for Coutts/Holts Beautiful Boxes charity auction it got me thinking about when I was at college hammering and piercing away at jewellery. Well here be a couple of things that I'm still really proud of. My final collection was based on Biblical and Saint stories.... 

 Noah's Ark Crown with an animal for each letter of the alphabet on, some hidden, some move - it's a crown, it's a toy, it's a shiny!

Bad photo of St Sebastian ring that was based on a Rosary ring - the beads on the arrows go up and down and move like an abacus. Yes can you tell I was letter and number punch obsessed? 

So as much as my work has evolved over - well 20 years - there's definitely a vein that has run through.

View auction at ebay.co.uk/beautifulboxes from 1st March 2013


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