Friday, 31 August 2012

A Highland Fling

This week I took a reluctant break from planet Mac and went on holiday to Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. We stayed on the edge of the stunning Loch Awe on the first floor apartment in St Conan's Tower - faultless just gorgeous and we shall be returning! Thank you Shona and Stephen. Here is Toby  to give you the guided hula hoop tour.....

 On our way we managed to find the most amazing pub called the Drovers Inn - walk in the door - stuffed bear to greet you what more could you want? the place filled with taxidermy - yep, I got it.

 This is the view from the tower where we stayed
 ooh yes castles, a lot of them - above is from Kilchurn with heaps of swallows and below is the Disneyesque, Inveraray Castle

 Below is St Conan's Kirk which was a walk away from where were staying and breathtaking

Way too many pictures and things to blog about but having got home 2 hours ago I was a bit eager to jabber on about it ..... can't wait to go back.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Aye Aye...

'Tis about time that new products came out to play. Theres a lot that I want to do but as with everything I shall be held up by no pennies.

First on the conveyor belt, and is a sneaky peek into next years design collection is the Gull 'n' Chips iphone 4 cover - yes yes, you haven't got an iphone 4 you moan - well if you ask nicely then yes - maybe I might do you a different one.

These will be very limited - never fun to see the same case about... and you can get yours here

(my one - with no logo and taken in the mirror)

Just for me and my rather dirty macbook I got a cover done here it be....

A rather beautiful Oranges & Lemons repeat cover - there are lots of things coming up in this print for next year if it does take ya fancy.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

It's been a while since I sat here in a Carrie Bradshaw tip tapping and talking in my head sort of way partly because there are enough voices in my head and also because theres not been much to say until now...

The Museum of London (that I love) commissioned me a while back to design giftware to go with their forthcoming major exhibition Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men - if I could have leapt and started dancing like Gene Kelly I would have done. The subject matter, although morbid; is completely fascinating and right up my street. The exhibition has grown out of the findings from a 2006 excavation site in Whitechapel that gave evidence of dissection and autopsy.

The exhibition opens in October  I think it will be a huge insight into not only the medical side but also the art institutions involvement too - pretty much if you have bones or body parts I can't see how you couldn't find this interesting.

As much as I'd love to show you some of my products to compliment .... well not yet..... but I am incredibly proud of the results.

I shall go on about something else I'm proud about this week.... at the marvellous Wonder Hill market which was at its very best (well done Miss Kiki) we were treated to swing dance lessons alongside the Wonkaesque mix of live music and sellers. Upstairs was the lovely Gillian from Handmade in Tooting with a her usual button box of treats to make something. Toby went up and joined in on the rosette making and to my complete amazement found that our little 4 year old has a natural gift for sewing! (yes I shall start him off helping early, who do you think stuffs the lavender bags?)

See - no help from either of us...

That be one proud mummy