Aye Aye...

'Tis about time that new products came out to play. Theres a lot that I want to do but as with everything I shall be held up by no pennies.

First on the conveyor belt, and is a sneaky peek into next years design collection is the Gull 'n' Chips iphone 4 cover - yes yes, you haven't got an iphone 4 you moan - well if you ask nicely then yes - maybe I might do you a different one.

These will be very limited - never fun to see the same case about... and you can get yours here

(my one - with no logo and taken in the mirror)

Just for me and my rather dirty macbook I got a cover done here it be....

A rather beautiful Oranges & Lemons repeat cover - there are lots of things coming up in this print for next year if it does take ya fancy.


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