Stop! Greenwich Time

This week I've had a couple of lovely days spent in Greenwich, it's been a long time since I've been .... possibly way back when working on (wait for it) The Live 6 Show. Anyway, heaps has changed and yet somethings I'm happy to say haven't. The Junk Shop (now opposite Greenwich Station) is an Aladin's cave of pure treats. I got completely lost in looking.

My guide for the day was a lovely artist called Emily, who next time I go hopefully I can get her card with site on but nearly missed my train so had to race off. Not only has it got two floors crammed but a tea room at the back (below) and an African gallery out the back and down the steps. This is one place that you could really spend all day in and is well worth the journey to Greenwich for even if you do nothing else.

These treasure troves are a dying breed of shops, most have closed down or have turned into over priced 'retro' shops its heartwarming to find one thats been around for decades and come down in the family to.
 If you're like me and can't get enough of these places then please please visit and shop more in them it's keeping an endangered place alive and ebay is no replacement for them.
Yes, The Junk Shop and Spread Eagle is enough to go to Greenwich for but if you do have a bit more spare time then you spend it wisely in a new pop up shop thats opened on Nelsons Road.

Run but the very tall and very bouncy Alison this has just opened for the run up to Christmas and features designer/makers that have never sold in Greenwich before so this isn't a repeat of what's in the market across the road which means you can go and do that after.
 Yes, yes yours truly is stocked (see above and bottom pic) in The Pop Up Gift Store along with a few of my favourites so go and see, it's open 7 days a week from 11am. Alison (below) couldn't be a more welcoming host.


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