Open for Business

For the last few days I was lucky enough to take part in Craft Central's open studios, Made in Clerkenwell. The place is a bit of a life line for designer makers offering one to one sessions and business help to those outside of the studios that are members. Right from the start the place was packed with happy shoppers, amazing makers and general marvellousness. 

I was so lucky to be surrounded by hand on heart just a lovely bunch! Four days is a long time to be in a room with anyone and it really made my first time here a joy despite my achey aches and pains.
 SS13 Wish You Were Here got a sneaky peak

 The oh so shy Maxine Sutton with her fantastic textiles, also if you're about in Margate definitely have a look at Blackbird - a Sutton sister shop
 The rather lovely and talented Pam Dodds
 One of my favourites - Natthaur

I got this amazing shirt from Outsider, along with trying on 5 outfits a day 

 Pam Dodds
 Maxine Sutton
 Leonora Richardson's stunning ceramic sculptures that also featured in the RA Summer Exhibition this year. Next to Leonora was Lotta Cole who makes clever wood accessories - I've somehow lost my image but shall find it.

 Yuki (front) was a joy and I'm grateful for her tweaking my display whenever she got the chance
 Really clever gifts from Goodwin + Goodwin

 Beautiful illumination from fryrbox
 Carmen Woods lovely leather accessories and a real smile to have in the room

 And well, Tobyboo.... I had some sample work including some lampshades along side past season Christmas decorations. The London tape as ever was a sell out. 


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