Turns out you can't take the girl out of Croydon

It's like a long stopping train ride but Croydon is slowly getting shimmers of sparkle. Over a year ago we had Concrete Market which was a huge success (and if anyone would like to take the reins please say as I can't tell you how many emails I get asked about more), Matthews Yard opened in (wait for it) the Cultural Quarter and just to seal the deal on that title Mary Portas has given it the Portas seal (and shall be working her orange halo of magic over it) and this Saturday Croydon hosts the Cherry Orchard Arts Festival!
Hugely excitingly for the festival, John Benton-Harris shall be exhibiting, John is a New York born photographer who is a proud Croydoner. His work shines a mirror to society and its characters in an understated and yet beautiful way. 

His work is in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, National Portrait Gallery,  
V & A and other major international museums and public collections. He is a jewel in this little pocket of Croydon and this is a rare opportunity to see his work practically on his doorstep.

My little shop of sanity is in the heart of the festival, Oscar Dahling Antiques is a place that you wouldn't ever think would be in Croydon and yet has been for many a year since I used to search for boys stripy blazers and mens silk scarves. It's a treasure trove of beautiful things. It's a huge shame that some people get slightly scared about going into antiques shops, this one is crying out to be properly snooped about - don't expect it to be one of those shops that has everything you can see - crikey knows how much isn't on show and if theres something you are looking for ASK, even a stuffed peacock. In fact yes, ask if he can get hold of one. 

The event which starts from 10am and goes through till 11pm is the first of its kind and so needs people to come to show support and just have a taster of what's going on. Every usable inch of the road is being cleverly manipulated and if you know the area then you know you have to come just to see how its going to work. 

(Tobyboo Croydon image above)


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