Mad for Mary!

Wednesday was a very special day for me, it was the launch of the Mary Portas boutique in Manchester and the first time I got to see Tobyboo on the shop floor and meet the lovely Mary herself.

 customer gets the story about the Manchester tape, I obviously found something funny

 Mary is right here, right now

 tea towels with a lovely neighbour - Ali Millers chinaware
That's fellow designer Lianne from Mellorware taking a pic 
 Ali Millers collage display
and at the end of the day, well it certainly wasn't pants

It was a great launch and am very proud to have been selected to be in the boutique - the Manchester and Glasgow shops will have their sticky tapes exclusive to them for a period of time, you'll also be able to get the new Jack and Oranges & Lemons tea towel and very soon the Oranges & Lemons cushion in a new colour way!

 a slight soap box bit....

We're so used to celebrities being people pretty much known for nothing accept appearing on TV and that has gives them the label of 'celeb' - the crowds flocked to Mary, she really has a huge following and she's doing something! I can't see how she could be more active getting the message across about the high street situation and 'made in Britain'. Kinky Knickers have sold out everywhere, everyone that put their heads in the sand are aware wether they change their buying habits or not. 

I remember growing up and I took it for granted that Marks & Spencer label 'St Michael' was made in Britain - seeing it on the carrier bags etc so its odd to think of generations now seeing it as a novelty and its common place to shop at the likes of Primark and just want cheap clothes without worrying who made and where they came from. Here's hoping that this is a stitch in the right direction and not just a trend - well done Mary, it was fabulous to see you in person so passionate about buying British. 

(it's ok I'm off it now!)


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