Coffee and Cameras

My long awaited tea cup samples arrived last week, I've actually waited 5 months for them but that's another story in the meantime new work means a new photo shoot, with less than two hours to do it in who am I gonna call? - enter Kellie.

 While Kellie was hard at work I was... well ....

And the results...

I can't recommend Kellie Spicknell product photographer  enough, I thought I could take a 'good enough' photo myself I couldn't be more wrong - on meetings with top buyers they've all commented on the photography and stressed the importance. I love that within seconds of taking Kellie could send me the images, no tweaking, no cropping, no Lightroom the same cannot be said of all photographers out there and it means that I could get what I needed bang on time. 

Thank you Kellie, stunning photos that I know will get my work noticed yet again.


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