Maybe it's because I'm a ...

Poor Toby gets dragged round museums, mainly theres "the one with the trains" - Science Museum, "the one with the monkeys" - Natural History and "oh no, not the boring one" - The V&A.

Just after Christmas we went for the first time since it's makeover to the Museum of London. I remember going as a child and pretty much not remembering it but because it was, to be honest - dull. The millions put into it over the recent years have made it, to be honest - fantastic! As an adult who loves London I found it fascinating and can't wait to go again and for Toby it had just enough 'pick ups' to keep him really interested. Oddly, he says he liked the flint in the pre-historic section the most... fair enough. But it's huge and makes you want to walk the streets of London and really, really look.

I went from London Bridge and on the way it's a tourists dream of sights - for me it was just lovely to go past some of the churches that I've embroidered since the work has been done. I find it just amazing to think that there are people in London that don't make use of these incredible resources that are *FREE* When you go on holiday you pack as many museums and galleries in as you can and you have to pay most of the time but to have such fantastic places within reach and not go and see them - mad!

If you haven't been - go, if you haven't done the usual South Kensington museums - why not?! and not forgetting the Horiman - all free but sadly taken for granted by some. I can't see these places staying free forever and as much as I would pay to get in I love that I can just pop in and do a bit and come back a few days later and see other bits or revisit parts. I need to go back to the Museum of London to see a mummified cat I missed - how on earth do you miss that?

The Museum of London - London Wall. (St Pauls tube nearest)


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