Mary, Fraser and Boo

It's still only January and I feel like a years gone by already with how much has been happening. I've met some very lovely buyers and shall update with stockists soon and got through as a finalist to the Mary Portas/House of Fraser Homeware Designer competition.

 I've always loved Lianne Mellors tea sets
 it's me - wallpaper sample just in shot to
 Gorgeous skeleton lamps by Donna Walker
Emma Cowlams stunning hand embroidered art work

 this recycled furniture was just gorgeous (and typically I didn't note who's it is sorry)
Just to scare us

I submitted some samples (the Oranges & Lemons cushion, tea towels etc) and they got taken to be at Interiors 2012 at the NEC to join the other finalists work until we would meet again at the (insert dramatic music) pitch. In Dragon's Den (but much nicer and not a pile of cash in sight) style we each had a 10 minutes to give it our all in front of head buyers at House of Fraser and Yellow Door's Peter Cross. I also look along my, now travelling, freak show and I felt it only appropriate to have Mary's presence there so yes I made a Mary Portas doll.

Hands shaking, worried about mumbling, trying not to look at everyone else's amazing work around I managed to speak - and somehow it came out as sense as, well, they liked... some pieces got squeals - in fact they really liked - they really liked! I got the big "yes" to stocking while I was there. Obviously I shall update as the Mary, Mungo and Midge tale goes on but for now I can still say I am in shock.....


  1. Totally wicked babe i shall be in making noises about your work!!!! Carly x x x

  2. Brilliant, looks like you're going places x

  3. Aww Tina it looks amazing!! Well done again. and you looked like a perfect wee doll in your dress! Lorraine x


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