Cabbages For Christmas

Yes, it's an obsession I can't help it. I love Cabbages and Roses. I could spend a week in one of the London stores and be a happy girl.

The fabrics, the cut, the pockets.... oh the pockets! So my early Christmas present this year is THE best jumper in the world, not only is it the snugglyest thing in the world and I want to sleep in it, has the cutest button detail but it has pockets, not just any pockets - VELVET LINED POCKETS! I've worn it 4 days now and each day I've had at least 3 people say something lovely about it.

I want to live in a Cabbages world, can I go on holiday there? Just look....

It's just sooooooo purdeee! Christina "Cabbages" Strutt - I salute you! (I don't my hand is in my pocket and it's not coming out)


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