Back to School

Among the fireworks and rain at last weeks Thames Festival came am amazing opportunity to have a 15 minute session with Doug 'Dragon' Richard. To be truly honest I didn't think much could be told in such a short time certainly of any help - luckily for me I was wrong. Between Doug and Medeia (the course director) they showed me where I was going wrong, sometimes by pointing out the obvious but I was left feeling pretty 'refreshed' I also left with an application form to fill in.

As you can guess by now I was one of the hopefuls that was offered a place on Doug Richard's School for Start Ups and yes, of course I grabbed it with both hands.

This is day 3 of a very intense bootcamp - based in Westminster the course has introduced us to great guest speakers teaching us from web design to the neuroscience of creativity, all hugely inspiring. There would have been some photos at this point but honestly, between concentrating and well more concentrating I've just not even thought about taking any but if I did you'd see the backs of some creatives heads right now.

I've got heaps to apply now to Tobyboo, tomorrow is day 4 and the last of bootcamp then it's time for us to really do some work - the course is a year long one so it's not like I'm off the hook and I don't want to be. With mentoring and workshops ahead I'm sure they'll be some big changes in Camp Boo.....


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