A Very Fine Vintage

Last Friday I was a lucky bunny and won VIP tickets to Vintage at the Southbank - as desperate as I was to go I had no chance of paying for a ticket so I can't tell you how much it felt like Christmas to a 4 year old.

Didn't have my camera but luckily my plus one, Sunita lives in 2011 and has an iphone so these are her beautiful photos.

First things first, after a Champagne reception with an introduction from Wayne Hemmingway - a makeover by Jess - who's just fantastic and can be found at Powder Puffs and Pin Curls

 Sunita who is gorgeous and didn't need a makeover
 oooh look at the view!
 I don't know how these two didn't drop - they danced the entire time we were there

 Sunita gets excited by non prescription glasses
The ever beautiful Felicity from Now Voyager  - have been waiting to get my straw hat - tis gorgeous! 
Theres the hat - that's not Sunitas dress, she wore it for a photo shoot and I can't take any of it seriously. My dress had a total of 21 compliments, we started counting.

It was a really, really fantastic day - I've not had so much fun in ages with Musical Bingo - I'm pretty sure we didn't even cover all the clubs at night because there was just so much to do. Well done to The Seaside Sisters who never fail to keep punters finger happy with their craft sessions.

All in all one hell of a day - the market part was free so if they do manage to do it again next year - GO! 


  1. Glad you had a great day, certainly looks like you had loads of fun, and this is the first positive review I've read about it actually! Seems a lot of people were really upset by the bizarre and expensive ticketing, lack of information/signage/organisation and the rude staff (though the volunteers have all been praised)so really good to see a different side and that not everyones day was ruined!

  2. Oh you lucky girl - it does look fun!


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