Liberty X-Factor

And so 6 months of work suddenly came to ahead today when Liberty opened her doors to anyone who wanted a piece of her!

I forgot to take any photos (apart from the one above) because my legs were shaking and I felt weaker than usual - so much so that my friend Viv (who incidentally did have her jewellery stocked by Liberty a while back) was going to do the pitch for me. It might have been better if she had. And what did I say...
me) I thought I didn't say much.
Viv)  Tina - come up for some air.

The buyers were great, with the minutes ticking they said a few things that needed adjusting - some I had thought of and dismissed so kicked myself. I came away not really having a clue - Viv who had been at my side during it had her arms opened wide and shouted 'congratulations!' - was she at the same pitch as me? 

The trouble is I didn't look at the positive things said - I thought it would be simple, not in a yes/no way but in a way that didn't leave me confused. 

So, more working and more photos to send - which isn't much for someone who had a dream of being in Liberty's British Craft room at 14 which was 15 years ago - a few more months won't hurt.

And what did I sing? sorry show.... 

One thing that was commented on was the photos in my portfolio - "lovely photos" I said that I'd got a photographer "really, really worth it" was the reply. It really did give it the 'wow' factor.
Kellie Spicknell photography, click!
Surprisingly to me they really liked the cards and the tea towel that I almost didn't pack. I just need to find some more pennies to work on all the bits I need to work on....

Despite the tears half of relief at the end there's not a part of me that regrets it - it's another teeny stitch of the Tobyboo tapestry and it was only for a second I thought that I needed to unpick it.

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