Not So Concrete

For anyone that I haven't bored already - Concrete Market is starting on 4th September. It's a teeny start to making my home town, Croydon, get a better reputation than it has.

#1 The market might be called concrete but Croydon is, in fact one of the London Boroughs with the biggest green spaces (it could actually be THE borough with the most green!)

#2 Croydon seems to be good enough for all those that come and study here.... from Noel Fielding to the late Amy Winehouse. Tracey Emin was born here, as was Sam Taylor - Wood and Bridgett Riley - Croydon's just a greenhouse of creatives! and let's not forget Another Level's Dane Bowers..... (or can we)

#3 The odd amount of films that get shot in Croydon centre include most recently, Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

See, it's honestly all good - and green, lots of pretty green places right in the heart of it! So, make the effort to come on the 4th, The Oval Tavern (one of the filming locations for Peep Show) Oval Road, CR0 6BR and stay for the food, the craft, the art, the vintage, the makes, the mini vintage make overs, the drink - and if you have time go off and visit really lovely bits of Croydon you never knew existed like Coombe Woods and Heathfield (photo above) on the tram.

(see a post on Croydon and not one mention of Kate Moss)


  1. I studied at Croydon College of Art (in the same ND Graphics class as Noel Fielding-when-he-was-blonde funnily enough and I once saw Kate Moss at East Croydon station!) and it will always hold a fond place in my heart! Sending many good luck wishes for your next Concrete Market x

  2. Thank you! (that means you were there when I was doing my foundation!) x

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