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Long overdue my work room is in the process of a sort, tidy and shuffle. Am over the moon with my colour coded drawers - pink scraps in the pink drawer, blue in the blue blah blah blah and generally surprises in the plain ones! The room is now looking almost workable and I can even find scraps of fabric I never knew I had - if that isn't livin' I don't know what is......

We've just come home from Oxted, Toby and his friend Dara had a bunting making day at The Old Dairy Studios. I did wonder how on earth 3 year olds were going to make bunting but it was fab - they each got their triangles and got to decorate them and at the end each child's got sewn and they have really beautiful, original bunting for their room - such a lovely idea!

Toby deep in thought where to put the next foam flower.....

still deciding......

Ta-da! tis finished but Toby now has gone off with better things to do!
Thank you Jo, who runs The Old Dairy Studios - twas lovely!


  1. What a fun activity - and I am soooo jealous of your colour coding.

  2. we'll see how long it lasts for shall we.....


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