Never Work With Children and Blankets

 Easter bunnies

"Sew Happy" snuggle blanket

I've just finished some new sparkly (well ok, not sparkly) Tobyboo creations - personalised tops being the main show off. What better way to go 'ta-da' then having a rather lovely photo session in Tunbridge Wells by the even lovelier Kerry McNair.

Kerry who I met a few weeks ago,  did her very best to control a slightly jumpy Toby on a rather grey day - she had a fantastic way with her two models, Toby and Holly that managed to get the best out of them.

I'm very excited about seeing her efforts - it's the first time that my work has been really taken with 'real' little people (or big) so nice to see things played with and hidden under.  Any brides to be out there, we never had any wedding photos taken because both of us hate having a camera in front of us but hand on heart if we came across the likes of Ms McNair we would book her in a shot! Even Mr Tobyboo said what a calm, lovely manner she had - (fact)

As for the new tops etc - well you'll have to wait for the real photos and Kerry can be contacted through Kerry McNair photography 


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