A Heavenly Place for Saints and Kings.....

.... and the rest of us.

So, today I took a drizzly train and tube ride up to Kings Cross St Pancras - as exciting as the station is it was nothing in comparison to what was around the corner. Drink, Shop & Do is the sort of place that you'd only see in a film and think 'if only that place was real' well it is. Owners Kristie and Coralie have honestly made my dream come true.

Drink, Shop & Do looks like a gorgeous but teeny shop from the outside - it has a gem of handmade goodies and vintage china - oh and sweets! I was like a kid in a candy shop but not from the sweets but the all round thought for everything - from cakes to my hot chocolate with flumps (not Perkin and Pootle, marshmallow ones) floating in - the food counter just looked beautiful. The walls were covered in gorgeous handmade blankets and tea towels - the back room..... I could go on but to be honest just go - I had a hot chocolate and sat in the corner just gazing at all of it.

Well done Kristie and Coralie - you have created an absolute gem!


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