Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer Lovin'

Today was We Make at Chelsea Town Hall - I had a fab time (despite the heat), for one thing my lovely assistant Viv was so good at being "me" so I could hide some times and I got to meet some tip top people and spend my money on them! Huge kisses go to Love From Hetty and Dave - I wanted so much from them that I then couldn't decide.... our neighbour Lis from Toft Porcelain and all the girlies down our Ramsay Street of a corridor. I got some gorgeous goodies from Belle and Boo and Now, Voyager and so much more I meant to get and then forgot because there was just too much to see.

Here is how I tempted people to my table..... yummmmmy - made by Sally from Sally's Angels just see how happy they made everyone......

Thank you to everyone that said hello and even spent your hard earned cash with me.... it will be wisely spent! Can't wait for the next one.... if they'll have me....

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Chelsea Girl

If any of you haven't already read about this then where did you put your glasses?! The We Make Summer Spectacular Spectacular (so good I've given it spectacular twice) is this Saturday 26th June at Chelsea Town Hall on the very lovely Kings Road.

I shall have tempting treats and goodies and fair prices (I thought all my prices were fair but you know what I mean) Please come and say howdy if you do come I might save a cupcake for you... it's a bargain £2 entrance and am proud to say that the last We Make was the best fair I'd been to let alone be part of and this looks even more hoopla. Summer fun all round - your reason for not coming is.....?

Friday, 18 June 2010

You Can't Touch This

So, We Make Summer fair is in a weeks time and you would think that for the last month I would be working like a tailor mouse locked in my room - well I sort of was but my head was more pre-occupied with trying to get hold of a bottle of Nouvelle Vague.

For the last 20 years I've had a sad obsession with Chanel nail varnish..... well in all fairness if something is hard to get then I want it (yes, yes I scream and scream until I'm sick I hear you cry) 1984 - I had to have a Cabbage Patch doll even if it meant my parents would be trampled in the stampede. When Chanel launched the very limited edition Rouge Noir with all the hoopla of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, the waiting lists, the queues I still managed to get 2 bottles and heaven help the girl who thought she'd do her nails at our flat and so happened to use 'that' varnish grrrrrrrr!!..... Metallic Vamp - tick, Night Sky - tick all the ones I wanted but this year..... ooh this year..... I was 20 minutes too late for my bottle! (if anyone is still reading and keeping up - well done) Ebay bid after Ebay bid finally paid off and the baby got her bottle.

 (sorry about the bad cuticles in the photo but I painted my nails 2 days ago and was too lazy to do them again)

If you read the post about Toby and his trains I'm slightly worried that he's going the same way - every now and again he looks at the leaflet with the Thomas trains on pointing and saying 'got', 'got', 'not got - want'. Yes, my poor husband who not only had to put up with all of it but also is missing a shelf in the fridge because its taken up with my tiny bottles of happy. (yes, it makes them last for years and I swear by keeping varnish in the fridge)

I know I'm not alone in this sad addiction so spare a thought for those woman that gaze longingly at the Chanel sample counter it's no different to boys and girls going slightly nuts over balls being kicked around every 4 years......