Summer Lovin'

Today was We Make at Chelsea Town Hall - I had a fab time (despite the heat), for one thing my lovely assistant Viv was so good at being "me" so I could hide some times and I got to meet some tip top people and spend my money on them! Huge kisses go to Love From Hetty and Dave - I wanted so much from them that I then couldn't decide.... our neighbour Lis from Toft Porcelain and all the girlies down our Ramsay Street of a corridor. I got some gorgeous goodies from Belle and Boo and Now, Voyager and so much more I meant to get and then forgot because there was just too much to see.

Here is how I tempted people to my table..... yummmmmy - made by Sally from Sally's Angels just see how happy they made everyone......

Thank you to everyone that said hello and even spent your hard earned cash with me.... it will be wisely spent! Can't wait for the next one.... if they'll have me....


  1. Hiya, your stall looked amazing, so pleased you sold your soldier boy and glad you had a fab time.

    I was totally amazed at the quality of each stall not only in the items but in the display too.

    Look forward to seeing you at future fairs

    Mary x

  2. Your stall looks really lovely - if I wasn't miles away I would have loved to visit.

    Can I ask what the bunnies on your fairy cakes are made from? They are GREAT!


  3. thankyou! the bunny were printed on rice paper so edible and were made by the lovely who send cakes EVERYWHERE!! x

  4. Hi Tina
    Your stand looks amazing so please the cupcakes went down well. My personalized cupcake card is so perfect....see you soon Sally x

  5. Wow! Your display looks amazing! And the cupcakes soooo cute!

  6. yum! if you'd said there were going to be CAKES!!!!!

  7. I should have known meekats sniff out for these things....

  8. mmm, I must have got there too late for cakes! Looks lovely. Love from Hetty and Dave are fab, we had one of their hearts as a wedding present. x


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