Tobyboo is coming to town....... the tip top, cream of the crop, best of the rest (you get the idea) craft fairs - from We Make is back again for Christmas. Come and sparkle in its winterwonderlandness at Chelsea Town Hall (ooh fancy) on Saturday 4th December. I can't stress just how good We Make London make these shin-digs and am hugely proud to be a part of it. 

Expect fun for everyone and heaps to spend your hard earned pennies on. Gifts, decorations, cards and treats - I'd leave your Christmas shopping till then quite frankly. Hands up who's coming?


  1. if there was a way of travelling to London instantly and for free - I'd be there! But I'd begrudge giving my hard-earned to British Rail. Have fun - and sell LOTS and LOTS and LOTS....

  2. oh surely if you took iggy the iguana you've be able to travel all over the shop for free. I shall think of you being there and if you could tell people to buy LOTS and LOTS and LOTS that would be marvelous!


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