Thursday, 25 November 2010


Ah - the 25th of November, the day that everyone does the 'oohhh only a month to go' type thing. Well, I am a huge Christmas lover but have never had an Advent calendar so decided that Toby (the boy) should. First stop - T K Maxx (of course) saw some great wooden drawer ones for under £20 and then thought that I really should make one..... hmmmmmm I of course regretted this decision.

For those of you that make Advent calendars and sell them - I salute you - they are a pain to do and so much hard work for the pennies. So let the countdown begin and if you're looking for a sparkly way to start the festive malarky then look no further than We Make Christmas at Chelsea Town Hall on 4th December from the sounds of it I don't think you'll find a more tinsel-town of a fair; 88 tip top designer/artists, craft tables for the teenies, Christmas choir and pantodramarma thoughout - and if you can come (and I don't see why not) then please come and say hello to me I'm right near the mince pies and eggnog! 

the only problem is.... we have no where to put it!