It's a time for giving.....

Personally I like to do as Sir Cliff says... you never know what would happen if you didn't - so buy and give! I've got some new Christmas treats this year; personalised Christmas sacks that are hugely cute and have not only the name of the owner but their address too which means when they're older they have a lovely keepsake of their childhood with their first address on! Available from The Little Present Company

For the tiny ones who are showered with first Christmas gifts I have another one to add to the tree - a 1st Christmas rosette, so at least you know they have a prize for something!
 And more Stanley stockings include a very sweet candy stripe pump shoe, Angela Lansbury stocking (if you want to know why it's called that go click on my shop over there >
 As ever I take on any bizarre commissions to make your Christmas dreams come true.....


  1. What a lovely idea, to have the "first address" keepsake - good one Tobes!

  2. why thank you nifty, a compliment from you always means a meerkat full


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