Cabbage Patch Kid

Just over seven years ago I was on the hunt for a Peter Pan collar top - the obsession was huge - I saw Anya in Buffy wear one and I wanted the same top - that's when I first discovered Cabbages and Roses in Wandsworth and my heart skipped. So, just so many things that were in my teeny brain - in the fabric - yes, really there. The home wear is beautiful but the clothes (for me) are to die for - the cuts are amazing and never something that could be repeated on the high street (or in my sewing room) and the fabrics - just stunning.

Today I came home to a lovely, lovely parcel..... a couple of posts ago I rambled about "the skirt" and shock number one was anyone reading it and shock number two was the very gorgeous Cabbages and Roses being early Santa to me and ..... well look!!

I have no idea to thank all the elves at C&R - I want to wear it all day it makes me feel so girlie! Thank you - just thank you xxx


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