And now he is 3....

So, it's the end of Toby's 3rd birthday, the boy had his first taste of birthday hoopla because let's face it the first two years are about 'us'. We were going to go out but a combination of a new Chuggington set and me not feeling up to much meant 'new toy day' and a whole heap of mess.

The day meant that I got to do the whole reminiscing malarky which for the house of Tobyboo is a mixed one. How Toby is here amazes me - he was a 7 year baby quest and 3rd time lucky of IVF and at the final hurdle we almost lost him so to me he will always have a thin layer of bubble wrap until I can manage to pop those bubbles.
I desperately wanted a skirt the other week - a gorgeous £150 Cabbages and Roses skirt that at the time, I knew would make my life better and me happier..... obviously I couldn't afford it and I watch as other women easily with no question can buy it and those that save like mad to get it - but it won't be mine.

I was lucky with my Toby skirt - we worked as hard as we possibly could to get him from acupuncture and  no alcohol (even in cooking) to no nail varnish (if any of you have glanced at previous posts you may see just what a deal that was!) anyway... not sure I have a point just the rambles of a mummy looking back - but just because I wanted that skirt nothing gave me the right to have it and I would be lucky to have it. I have lots of friends in the past and now on the baby quest and when you're in it you don't stop and think about why you have the right to have one you just think that they should come to you. My wardrobe is just fine without the skirt now I look at it properly - I have a lovely skirt and another would make it different but not better.

Happy birthday to my Toby who will always be an amazing piece of haute couture that can't be repeated!


  1. Awwwww! How sweet is this post. And so true about being just fine without. All the autumn catalogues have arrived and in my fantasy world I have a whole new wardrobe but like you it's not going to be and it won't matter in the slightest. How lucky we are.

  2. thank you - this was one of those posts that you write and dont read back and think no one will read....

  3. Belle and Boo brought me to your blog and shop...(love your tape).


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