Make Friends, Make Friends.....

On the last ramble I went on about Toby's friend Abi who's leaving for Australia (obviously with family, I don't think they have plans to ship her over in a box on her own) - anyway - I wanted to make a leaving present for her and, well, It Started With a Six.....

They met 2 months before Toby was born at our NCT class. NCT wasn't something I wanted to join - one thing I really didn't want was to be trapped into being friends with other women that the only thing you have in common is reproducing. There were 6 of us in total and all mums to be were surprising likable! I wasn't exactly an NCT type (yes, we all know there is one) and so did feel a little bit like hiding under my wheelchair (which I was then in) but its now 3 years on....

We have met every week pretty much without fail and we're now going to be down 2 little ones as Abi has a little brother Jack. We will miss them more than I think they realise and Toby won't know what's hit him when his kissing partner has disappeared. 

The picture that I created with the 6 first friends (as now the group has 10 teeny ones) couldn't help me think of longer lengths of paper dolls and hey presto! Tape, tape!! so, managed to do some clicking jiggery pokery and hoopla here it is - Teeny Friends tape! 

Teeny Friends tape is now in shop only a click away from you at £6 for a huge 66 metres of the sticky stuff!


  1. I really love this Tina. It's made me come over all sentimental about the babies. Reminded me of the postnatal reunion. Laura in a complete postnatal daze (was she the last to give birth?), eyes round as saucers, telling me in the hallway 'I've got absolutely no idea what I'm doing you know!' You were such fun group (I'm sure you all still are!)

  2. Best tape ever!! It's freakin awesome my friend! :)


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