Lost Boy

The latest Tobyboo creation has been for Toby himself. Toby's lovely friend, Abi, is having her 3rd and last birthday in this country (she's off to Australia, but this has lead to an exciting new Boo item but can't say anything yet because it involves Abi's birthday present!) the theme of the  party is - Disney.
I was in the Disney Store today and 2 girls (well, women) kept looking at the toys and one kept saying in amazement - "this is Disney!" and to the next toy "this is Disney!" I think she thought she was in Gap or somewhere that she couldn't get over the whole shop was... altogether please DISNEY!

Anyway - back to Toby... was a choice of Mowgli (obviously) but possibly too cold, Peter Pan or Peter pan with fox ears and tail = Robin Hood. I went for Peter Pan as he watched it and became very interested in Tinkerbell.

I've added Tinkerbell sticking out of his pocket - and you can see he's very happy. It's not all finished yet but shall indeed bore you with photos when it is done.


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