I Just Wanna Be A Winner.....

A while back I did a giveaway on Twitter for a Sewn Together frame and the marvelous winning entry was this:

Why I need one......

It's been a little while
since I've seen a Tobyboo creation
and to receive one in the mail would fill me with elation.

Its hard to go cold turkey
on a thing that you can't resist
and Tobyboos embroidered gifts really have been missed.

It's my best friends anniversary in September  and I'd like to give her something that she really can remember,
and I can't think of anything that I'd rather give her..

So you see that's why I need
a beautiful, amazing Tobyboo
Sewn Together custom piece!

How on earth could that not win?! Along with the Sewn Together I also got commissioned by Marissa to do a piece for a baby boy - luckily I wasn't the only one over the moon with it!


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