Underground, Overground

THE TUBE HAS COME TO CROYDON! For as long as I can remember there has been whispers of the underground coming to this centre of travel, we have trams, we have so many bus stations and stops I've no idea where to get a bus from and we have the one reason people move to Croydon - one hell of a good link to London. But now, oh yes as folklore told - Croydon is on the tube map!

(anyone about to shhhhhuh me and say its NOT the underground its "London Overground" hold your tongue - if it looks like a tube train and goes to tube stations then that's what it is)

So, our first trip for our train obsessed boy? Shorditch High Street to The Museum of Childhood. I haven't been for years and did go a lot at college seeing as nearly everything I made had to have some toy factor in it (where's the fun in jewellery just being shiny, that's pointless!) The place has changes so much and is fantastic, and the shop - the shop, I must have been back 4 times to buy things.

Toby's favourite thing that he wanted to take home was as you walk in - a fantastic chair rainbow installation. (we didn't take it home just in case you wondered)

Me, on the other hand wanted this......

Where did my Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie dolls go? Anyone? What else....Oh and the Weeble family, all the Holly Hobbie stuff, nearly all the period clothes display especially the 1970's Mickey Mouse shirt.... oooh and they had the raccoon puppet that I had.... and - and..... I think he enjoyed it as much as me

The Museum of Childhood and all things Tina wants is in Bethal Green.


  1. Oh my god I so have to go, let's make a date for an outing - Roz, Abi and Jack


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