Driving Me Potty

So this week has been a slightly odd one.... on Tuesday a photographer came linked to an article in the Express about a butterfly and moth phobia I had and eventually, after huge amounts of  money and years of therapy got over then on Wednesday Toby was in the limelight by himself doing - well click on the link and and let the song drive you as nuts as it has done me.

That be the American malarky of what Toby is now apart of and that I will for years to come make him groan "muuuuuummm!!!" My boy was a star! I had no idea just how good and cutie he could be. He did the dance, something which he hadn't done before hand and even with balls being thrown at him by other kids and big people acting like little people he just carried on like Thomas the Tank Engine's wheels depended on him. Obviously, when the finished package is done I shall put it on with a neon sign of "that's ma boy" but for now you just get to (clap clap) potty dance by yourselves.

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