Not only was it my birthday last week but it was also my lovely Etsy friend Eloise's (she of Hidenseek) this year she'd already told me that Hansel & Gretel was one of her favourite stories so it wasn't too hard to come up with what to make her....

Being a harsh, scary parent I do find the story a sad on the "witches" side - she made her dream house and then 2 kids come and wreck it - and she's the baddie?! Makes no sense to me, you won't find Toby eating the doors in anyone's house let alone a strangers.... back to the point, well, here's what I made the talented Miss Eloise.


  1. Oh lucky Eloise! Remind me to remind you when it's nearly my birthday ;-)

  2. Little Gretel is mine now! She is eating my gingerbread home! :D

    Thank you for the best birthday gift!
    Bear hugs,
    Eloise xxxx

  3. aw it's lovely! I want those shoes and tights, can you do adult size?!...


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