Stick Man helped Santa deliver the toys......

It's Christmas!!!! hoorah! Toby's treat was to see Stick Man last week at the Soho Theatre..... for those that have no idea Stick Man is Toby's favourite book by, oh you know that know - The Gruffalo one - The Gruffal-o - Oh, the cartoon that's on TV on Christmas day. Right, are you all with me?

To make it even more of a special day I thought, what better than for the fella to have his own Stick Man to take to the show. I imagined his face all beaming repeating "stick man, stick man, stick man!" which is what we get just by reading the book. What I actually got was "stick  man" in a 'your in the way of the Christmas tree' tone. Ah, we do try. The show was marvellous and it was lovely to see other peoples children be amazed at my Stick Man creation.


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