Fun? Fair?

So rather than dwell on how dreadful the "show" (or rather no show) was on Sunday I'll at least show you photos and tell you about how lovely my show neighbours were.
Next door were Clare and Lee from Snug Baby. So nice and good at their job that I ended up in coming home with less money than I went out because I bought one of their rather marvellous slings.
The day itself was dreadful and was only saved by the people I met. The other exhibitors were all great and the show could have been so good if only people came, I think if they knew about it they would have..... "if you build it" and all.....

I made so many pieces especially for the event but at the last minute this was an addition - return of the cupcake tree but in baby blanket form. It will show at We Make Christmas and I really hope that it gets a good home their.

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