Childs Play

Hello Kitty – From the Beginning

The Designer Baby Show is fast approaching (15th November) .....I've been working like crazy so I'm hoping that someone might take pity and buy off me. I've got 3 pairs of tickets to give away and all you have to do is let me know the funniest thing that you've heard a little person call something or someone - all inspired by Toby shouting "Hello Titty" every time he sees Hello Kitty (well its funny to me) he also says "cock cock" when he means 'knock knock' - a filthy mind you might think but at the moment its endless hours of fun for us but I really hope it stops soon.......

So if you'd like to come and can make the journey to The Spirit Conference Centre, Berkshire then comment away! I'll pick someone, well when I see a good enough amount of entries!

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