They're so still.....

Now, if you don't have access to a child 'Sleeping Bunnies' will probably mean as much as me saying 'Hi Hi Yojojo'. Sleeping Bunnies is a song that allows tiny people to lie down (well like a sleeping rabbit) and then jump up and down - all very exciting and as a result if you do a search on youtube for it you'll come across hundreds, as parents worldwide would like to show off just what their toddler can do.

The point is that it got me to making these - cute little rabbit decorations - the boy bunnies are now on sale on Etsy and Misi and the fairy ones will be on soon or if you care to see the goods in the flesh then come to the Designer Baby Show in Berkshire on November 15th.


  1. After playing sleeping bunnies we used to play sleeping lions...and sleeping puppies...and sleeping anything you can think of. with the emphasis on the sleeping.


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