Best Foot Foward

Christmas in Tobyboo land started in July - stockings have been in my head ever since...... I'd come up with an idea and start sewing at about 11.30pm just in time to annoy my husband.

Here's a few that are now listed on Etsy and MISI but will have all the collection for We Make Christmas - unless they sell now in which case Dave is really going to be Mr Miserable as I'll be sewing through the night to make more (unless the elves visit in which case all is good!).

Very proud of my puppy sock puppet one on the grounds that my stocking as a child was an old hideous sock, also the green velvet woodland one - Bah Humbug is back - he's nice.......oh I like them all! Here's also a peek at the baby booties stockings that I've been working on for The Designer Baby Show - filled with a decorated muslin and sleeping bunny.

you like....?


  1. love the puppy stocking - and I hope you've got lots and lots of the baby ones, they're going to sell sell sell :-)

  2. oh you say the nicest things - often wrong!! x


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