All's fair......

So I've signed myself up to do my first show in November - The Designer Baby show in Berkshire. It's a terrifying thought but hopefully nice people will stop look awkwardly and move on and I'm sure I can tempt them with Turkish delight to put them under my spell.....still the whole thing is taking my mind off the fact that I want a bottle of Chanel Haute Chocolat nail polish.
I'm a self confessed Chanel nail polish addict, the top shelf of the fridge is full of my tiny bottles of treasure and I'm a sucker for a limited edition. Unlike Charlie and his golden ticket, my quest for the chocolate will never happen......I am indeed hard done by!


  1. november? it's AGES away, you'll be fine. I had no idea nail vanish was supposed to live in the fridge, what's that all about?


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