Not just for Peter

I'm very excited at the moment, only days away till my next Styleshake dress will wing its way into my Narnia wardrobe of Peter Pan collars. This will be dress number 5 from those tailor mice who work so hard to bring my dreams to life.
I waited about four years to get my top that Anya wore in season 6 of Buffy - Mr Tobyboo contacted the wardrobe people that worked on the show, hunted like mad online and in shops all to shut me up about the thing - the closest he got was a lovely but not very comfortable red jumper with cream round collar.....yes it is nice but its not my Anya top! Enough on the top! (ah but I got it eventually and it's such a nice top - they did make it especially for me)

So, the latest in the not very imaginative world of Tina round collars (if one more person asks if I'm just wearing the same thing......) is this little number
You won't find a picture of me on this thing, no sir so you can have the odd woman they show you wearing your paper doll type outfits. Obviously I don't want to give you the link to my dirty little secret - go find it yourself, quite honestly I don't want to live in a world where the curved collars are everywhere - sharpen yours up!


  1. If ever I see someone wearing a peter pan collar I shall assume it's you and say hello!

  2. yes unless it is peter pan - he might be angry that anyones wearing his collars in the first place! but i'm sure he'd love a hello anyway! x


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