Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Only a month to go before round 2 of Tobyboo at the Corner Shop.

Opens 19th till 25th August daily, 12-9pm
Craft Central Corner Shop
21 Clerkenwell Green

nearest station is Farringdon.

New lines include side plates, new design mugs and bags. Old and sample stock will be on sale too.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Day 3 of Home & Gift.

Well done to the Ohh Deer Trinity, for winning Best Dressed Stand at the show. Just look at that writing on the wall... speaking of which
 The award obviously got to their heads as they couldn't stop fiddling with my stand - I shall award myself 2nd best by this action! Hoorah and thanks to those deers. This is my stand at the end of the day... I shall update this tomorrow as no doubt it shall change.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Oooh Betty!

So as I write this I'm day 2 of Harrogate Home & Gift Fair and what I'm most excited about was that after 15 years I got to go to Betty's tea rooms! I won't lie it was one of the top reasons for choosing to do this fair, and it didn't disappoint! Not only that so far the show hasn't - a lot of interest in bespoke work from customers that don't go to the shows in the South.

I have some rather lovely neighbours, the Ohh Deer trinity, have been the ones to endure my jibberish - lets see how they cope on day 3...

Travelling in style: the Wish You Were Here trunk

Night night for day 2, I'l report on day 3 and 4 soon.... 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


LOOK!! Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters are fantastic, Toby has proved this! but I've just seen these....

(and if any of you are asking whats a clothes plaster - WHAT DO YOU THINK!? jumper cuts itself, needs a plaster - non?!!) GENIUS AND GORGEOUS!